Christmas Carol vs. The Ghost of Christmas Presents


Guide Carol through the maze-like caverns to pick up all the Christmas presents while avoiding her enemies. Along the way, pick up candy and magical snowflakes that award you additional points and help you on your adventure.

Carol's Adventure

To save Christmas, you must guide Carol Greenleaf through all eight stages of her journey. The adventure concludes once she collects all the presents the Evil Snowman hid in the Frozen Ice-Cube Caverns. Carol reaches a new stage of her adventure every two levels. Each stage introduces a new cave for Carol to explore.

If the Evil Snowman catches Carol, he freezes her, stopping her adventure right in its tracks. Santa then has to use his magic to thaw her back out again! Santa will always thaw Carol back out, but will only give her so many chances to complete her mission.

Carol will work tirelessly to save Christmas for as long as Santa asks her to. Santa will whisk her home to safety, though, if she gets frozen too many times.

Saving Christmas

The final stage of Carol's adventure will require extra effort. This cave is nestled deep in the Himalayas and contains new surprises. If you guide Carol this far, Santa will give you one extra chance to master its unique challenges.

Once Carol finishes this last stage, congratulations! With your help, Carol has saved Christmas from the Evil Snowman!

Her work is not done, however. The Evil Snowman gets trickier every year, and Santa will once again ask Carol to save Christmas when he strikes again.

Free ROM Download

Download Christmas Carol

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The Frozen Ice-Cube Caverns

Stage #1: Haunted Hollow

Screenshot Stage #1

Difficulty: Easy

Tried and true. The maze that started it all! Guide Carol through the Frozen Ice-Cube cavern and pick up all the presents while avoiding the Evil Snowman.

Stage #2: Frosted Maze

Screenshot Stage #2

Difficulty: Easy

Uh-oh! Those long corridors provide plenty of space for an Evil Snowman to stretch his legs in!

Stage #3: Candy Cove

Screenshot Stage #3

Difficulty: Medium

You want that "Perfect Level" bonus? You must pick up all that candy!

Stage #4: Icicle Lane

Screenshot Stage #4

Difficulty: Medium

Keep an eye on that Ghost when you go into those nooks, he's a tricky one!

Stage #5: Snowflake Garden

Screenshot Stage #5

Difficulty: Hard

You must run from snowflake to snowflake as quickly as you can to keep your enemies at bay.

Stage #6: Freezer Burn

Screenshot Stage #6

Difficulty: Very Hard

High speed hi-jinks! Think fast! Better make prudent use of those magical snowflakes if you want to stay alive!

Stage #7: Krystal Keep

Screenshot Stage #7

Difficulty: Medium

Where to hide? Open spaces can be challenging when an Evil Snowman is on your tail...

Stage #8: Twisted Toyland

Screenshot Stage #8

Difficulty: Hard

What new dangers will Carol encounter as she enters the final cave of her quest? You'll have to explore all previous ones in order to find out!

Also available...

Practice Menu

Practice Your Adventure

The Practice Menu allows you to hone your skills on any of the first 7 stages, at various difficulty levels.